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Re: GRUB & Sarge & Win XP

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 04:20:50PM +0100, Alessandro Ciorcalo wrote:
> On 05/11/05, Simo Kauppi <swk@nic.fi> wrote:
> > The 'ntldr missing' could mean that it is really missing from the
> > Windows disk. I guess you can mount the Win disk from Linux and check if
> > the Win is missing some of its files.
> Thank you Simo, I have tried all possible combinations in the menu.lst
> file but there's no way to let it raise. As you have suggested I have
> mounted the /dev/hdb disk under linux looking for the boot files but I
> can't see them, neither with ls nor with ls -a, since they usually are
> hidden in windows, but there's no trace of them.

Yes, you should see them from Linux mount even though they are hidden in
Windows. I'm afraid they have been deleted accidentally.

> So here it is what i
> think now, and please let me know if I could be wrong: when I
> installed windows xp on the second drive, the boot files have been
> saved at the beginning of the first drive and got overwritten when I
> then installed Debian.

This seems like a logical explanation, because WinXP wants to be on the
first disk.

> > See for example http://www.ntfs.com/missing-corrupted-system-files.htm
> > for details.
> thanks, I'm going to look for a way to restore windows boot files.
> Thank you a lot,
> ilvecchioalex

Good luck, I hope you get the files easily restored.
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