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Re: Serial ATA Hardware RAID recommendations?

On Sat, 05 Nov 2005, Chris Boot wrote:
> >I'd suggest one that handles saf-te enclosures, and a saf-te enclosure
> >(hotswap bay) to go with it.
> That certainly would be the way to go. Can anyone recommend hardware  

Note that a hotswap bay need not be capable of SAF-TE.

> * 3Ware Escalade 9xxx
> I've heard bad things about these on LKML, mostly to do with broken /  
> slow firmware with recent kernels. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

I have no idea about how good the newest 3Ware controllers are.

> * Adaptec 2810SA and family
> These have an Intel 80303 and 64MB SDRAM with battery backup.

I wouldn't touch an Adaptec RAID card with half-assed specs like this.  Note
that I personally don't trust anything Adaptec at all, other than simple
onboard SCSI HBAs (and I have seen even those screw up, and it was an U320
one, at that, which ain't commodity hardware).

> * Intel SRCS28X
> These have the mentioned IOP331 and 128MB of SDRAM with battery  
> backup. Sounds nice, and cheaper than the Adaptec cards.

And a much better choice, probably.  But I never used that particular model.
Look at LSIlogic RAID stuff too, it should be as good as Intel's (the
difference being the firmware -- chose the one with the firmware you like

Whether it is better or worse than 3ware, I really have no idea whatsoever.

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  Henrique Holschuh

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