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Re: Solaris: The Most Advanced OS?

* Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> [2005 Nov 04 08:55 -0600]:

>  All the "Enterprise Level" features in the world fall flat on their
> face when one cedes control of one's hardware to an outside company.

Several years ago we were installing phone switches from a well known
supplier.  About the same time I was at a company conducted school on
the administration of the switches.  The instructor let it slip during
the discussion of access levels that our telephone engineers did not
have the highest level of access as that was reserved for the
manufacturer.  I raised the usual concern that this was not a good
policy for us to be involved with.  The "instructor" crowed that the
company in question would never shut us out of equipment that we had
paid for as that would damage their reputation, etc.

Fast forward to this summer.  We received a memo to disable remote
access to the switches.  It seems we had terminated the maintenance
contracts with the manufacturer and they, in turn, were accessing every
switch they could and disabling our access.

The moral is to never allow your suppliers to have more control over
your business (or personal) assets than you do.

- Nate >>

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