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Re: PCMCIA Wireless Card startup problems under Debian Sid

Dear Ed

Many thanks for your reply. I only signed up for the lists today and
have missed the thread that you refer to. Your reply has fixed the
problem for me perfectly!

After adding the entries you mention the laptop now starts the wireless
card perfectly. I am ecstatic :-)

As for your issues, I don't want to risk asking the obvious but have you
made sure that ACPI and/or APM packages are installed on your system? I
haven't experienced any shutdown or battery issues with Debian, but I do
know that in some of the older distros ACPI/APM weren't always installed
by default and this caused the problems you mention.

Just a thought :-)



Once again I want to apologise for over-reacting to your email. After
re-reading your original email I can see that it wasn't meant as
offensively as I first thought. I'm sorry that I thought you were trying
to be offensive.
I was in the middle of a four hour session of trying to understand why
Evolution had decided to stop showing all 194 contacts in my address book!!!

Four hours later I was still none the wiser, and my sense of humour was
well and truly absent. :-(

I will endeavour not to take any future emails quite so personally,
unless they are meant that way ;-)

Ed Lawson wrote:
> On Wed, 02 Nov 2005 13:20:13 +0000
> James Caldow <debian@loupegarrou.com> wrote:
>>The problem started after a reboot. When the laptop rebooted
> the 
>>Wireless card powered on but wouldn't connect. Once logged in I
> had to 
>>manually do "ifup eth1" as root to get connected. Not a huge
> deal, but 
>>annoying enough if you have to do it after every reboot!
> There is a thread about this from a couple of days ago.
> Basically you need to edit two lines in the file
> /etc/pcmica/network.opts
> Go to end of the file to the lines which start with 
> : "start_fn" and "stop_fn"
> replace the word "return" with "ifup $1;"  and "ifdown $1;" as
> appropriate and then the networking with the wireless card will
> be brought up automatically.
> I went through the same issues with SID and you need to take care
> to watch what an upgrade will do.  Generally it manages to be a
> useful desktop system with up to date stuff.
> right now I am trying to sort out why my laptop will no longer
> powers down automatically at shutdown and the battery monitor no
> longer works after a recent upgrade.  so you are not alone.
> Ed Lawson

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