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Re: PCMCIA Wireless Card startup problems under Debian Sid

On Wed, 02 Nov 2005 13:20:13 +0000
James Caldow <debian@loupegarrou.com> wrote:

> The problem started after a reboot. When the laptop rebooted
> Wireless card powered on but wouldn't connect. Once logged in I
had to 
> manually do "ifup eth1" as root to get connected. Not a huge
deal, but 
> annoying enough if you have to do it after every reboot!

There is a thread about this from a couple of days ago.
Basically you need to edit two lines in the file


Go to end of the file to the lines which start with 
: "start_fn" and "stop_fn"

replace the word "return" with "ifup $1;"  and "ifdown $1;" as
appropriate and then the networking with the wireless card will
be brought up automatically.

I went through the same issues with SID and you need to take care
to watch what an upgrade will do.  Generally it manages to be a
useful desktop system with up to date stuff.

right now I am trying to sort out why my laptop will no longer
powers down automatically at shutdown and the battery monitor no
longer works after a recent upgrade.  so you are not alone.

Ed Lawson

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