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re: virtual installation?

On 11/1/05, Randall Smith <randall@tnr.cc> wrote:
> I'd like to test different drive configurations virtually without having
> to resort to something like vmware or qemu.  I know how to create a
> virtual filesystem using dd and wonder can I create a virtual drive that
> I can partition with fdisk, etc.  For example, I'd like to set up a
> virtual raid 5 array.  Can this be easily done?

Not an answer, but the question makes me wonder:  I have been making
various modifications to the Ubuntu install disks (all the work done
at home on my debian/sid system) and I am burning lots of coasters! 
is it possible to create a virtual environment in which I can test
installation media?  Free (as in speech) software preferred, of

thanks as always,

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