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Re: ip alias interfaces don't respond

On 10/27/05, Scott Edwards <supadupa@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to determine why I can ssh into
> this box on the first ip address, but cannot on any of its other ips.
> There's 9 ip addresses in all.  This machine has worked fine for some
> time...

To restate, a machine I own has nine IP Addresses assigned to it. 
Access to the first IP Address works ok.  Services are not responding
on any other address.  I added a few accounting only rules to iptables
to see if there are any counted. tcpdump displays traffic directed to
the apparently unresponsive addresses, and iptables hasn't incremented
any rules that should match.  Works the same way with the old or new

I'm out of ideas, any suggestions?


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