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Re: OOo 2.0 compatibilty w/OOo 1.x

On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 09:20:54AM -0400, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 01:15:39AM -0400, [KS] wrote:
> Does this mean that if I touch an OpenOffice version 1.1 file with
> OpenOffice 2.0, its file format will be forever changed, and no longer
> editable by OpenOffice 1.1?
No.  You can always tell 2.0 to save to the 1.0 format.  Additionally,
1,1.5 is capable of reading/writing the 2.0 formats.

> This could be a real problem.  My users' /home directories are shared
> between several Debian systems, some of which run sarge (with 1.1) for
> stability, and the rest running etch to be up-to-date, which will soon
> have 2.0.
It's not really a problem.

> Is OpenOffice 2.0 not capable of writing files in 1.1 format?
Yes, it is.

Roberto C. Sanchez

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