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Re: gnome doesnt start

wood wood wrote:

>i was trying to make some changes in
>and i dont know what happened but my user dir
>'wood' which was under /home got deleted.
I can think of no way that these two items (editing sources.list and
/home/wood disappearing) would be related.

Is /home on a separate partition (look in /etc/fstab for a "/home"
entry)? If so, that partition may be unmounted (how it got that way is a
mystery). If not, were there other directories under /home, and do they
still exist?

Does "wood" exist  in "/etc/passwd" ("Yes", since you were able to login
below)? What is wood's home directory according to that file?

>when i rebooted pc i got this message anfter i log in
>in gdm display manager
>(gnome-session:1430):libgnomevfs-WARNING**Unable to
>create ~/.gnomedirectory: Permission denied
>Could not create per user gnome configuration
>'/home/wood/.gnome/':Permission denied
Are you sure the /home/wood directory is missing, or have the
permissions changed on it instead?

You won't be able to do much until you get your home directory issues
straightened out. In the meantime, you can create a new user ("adduser

Again, I know of no way that the home directory could get deleted by
editing a file; something else must've happened that you're unaware of
(hacker? installation of some extremely broken package?) or don't recall.


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