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Re: OT: Damaged harddisk and/or disk controller

On torsdag 20 oktober 2005, 05:40, Mike McCarty wrote:
> My recommendation:
> Get all the data you possibly can off that disc ASAP, and buy a
> replacement disc for $50. Then, and only then, start thinking about
> whether that drive can possibly be used for data storage. Maybe
> you could put /tmp on it or something.

Hmmm. OK. But I can get a 200 GB disk for NOK 675, or USD 100, and that 
will be all the disk this motherboard will ever see, I suspect... So, I 
don't know. My data isn't worth a lot, really, because I have 
redundancy and backup. My time _is_ worth a lot, but I enjoy the 
challenge of figuring out what to do about it too... So, that's why I'd 
like to grok first and act later... :-)


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