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Re: How to use old CPUs (Not Debian Specific)

Hodgins Family wrote:


Just take them to a recycling center and buy something from this decade used
for under 200.

Hold on a sec.

Why go through all the bother?

1) 200 bucks all at once may not be a feasible outlay.
2) some of the older software may run just fine on the older machines (a newer one won't make the software run better). 3) I find something satisfying about computer resurrection that I don't get by "taking them to a recycling centre". That goes for a lot of "stuff" folks do with old things like: fixing the old '69 Mustang in the garage instead of junking it, collecting/reading musty old first edition books instead buying the newest repring, refinishing furniture instead of hitting up IKEA, maybe pruning very old trees. 4) This is what the OP decided to do, presumably after ruling out purchasing any new machine.

It's only cheap if your time
isn't worth anything?

Which is a statement that could be applied to any hobby or sport or (fill in the blank).

I agree with Rob. Obviously 200 dollars is a neglibible sum if you live in the "first world", but spare a thought for people in places where a P1 with a 1GB hd is something amazing, even with Win98 on it. (Preferably something like Debian 2.1, though.)


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