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Re: How to use old CPUs (Not Debian Specific)

All of those machines will run some sort of linux, maybe a scaled down
version but sothing.
I'd get a KVM to share the boxes bwtween on Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor.
Several are avaliable wiht cables for around $50US.
There is a website has has directions for making old.old.old boxes into
linksys like hoem routers too. Try http://www.ipcop.org/ I have seen this
installed and running very securely in around 60 mintues.

>OK.  Like I'm guessing is the case with many of the users on this list, 
>I have a multitude of PCs around the house.  Four to be exact.  I used 
>to have three of them up and running, but that was before we moved. 
>Now, since I have a DSL connection, I no longer have my desktop 
>connected to an old machine with ISA slots just to use the hardware 
>modem.  We also have not yet found room to set up my daughter's 
>computer.  So only one PC is in use and the others are not even out of 
>their moving boxes.
>Like I said, I don't have enough space in the new apartment to set up 
>multiple computers, but I dislike having computing power going to waste. 
>  Can anyone suggest a way to network/connect all four to possibly 
>distribute the load among them?  I am considering building a custom case 
>to hold all the MBs and only have a single monitor, mouse and keyboard 
>connected.  The case would, obviously, have to be fairly large, but it 
>could then act as a table, as well, so the space would still be more 
>efficient than four seperate cases which serve no othere purpose.
>This is the equipment that I have:
>My current Desktop unit - AMD Athlon XP 2400+
>                         - 40 GB HD (less than half used)
>                         - DVD ROM / CDRW
>                         - 3.5" FD
>                         - Built in Audio
>                         - USB / Firewire
>Previous Net gateway    - PII 350MH
>                         - 200 MB HD
>                         - 20 GB HD
>                         - CD-ROM
>                         - 3.5" FD
>                         - USB
>Daughter's PC           - 486 SX 25
>                         - 80 MB HD
>Other inherited PC      - 486 SX 25
>                         - 120 MB HD?  (may actually be 80 + compression)
>The 486s are currently running Win3.1, but that can be remedied.
>I also have lots of cables of various sorts, extra mice and keyboards 
>(that I hope NOT to use) a few small HDs (170 MB to 256 MB) a 10-BaseT 
>card or two.  Somewhere, there is also a 2GB HD that has a possibly 
>non-funtional Win98SE install.  It is probably in the PII box.
>Marc Shapiro
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