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Re: Thundermail and txt attachments


thanks for your reply,

Mike McCarty wrote:
Jerome BENOIT wrote:

Hello List,

is there a (Debian) way to ask Thunderbird to encode `text'
(as LaTeX source file) attachment ?

In fact I recently experienced the follwing:
one of my correspond ask to send him a LaTeX source in attachment,
so I did it with Thunderbird, but unfortunately my correspondant
uses Pine which shows the LaTeX source in plain text, hence some
misunderstandings. Meanwhile I heard that Pine encode its attached files,
hence my question.

Your question is not clear to me. I used to use Pine regularly.
Pine does not, AFAIK, have any way to view LaTeX source other
than as text. It does not have a LaTeX interpreter built in.

I do not want to interpret the LaTeX source:
I just want to avoid Pine to display the LaTeX source
when the reader reads the email.

So I don't understand exactly what you mean by "encode" the LaTeX
source. It is, after all, just a text file.

some kind of compression (?):
anyhow here it is explained why Pine encodes text attachments:


If you send C language source code, do you expect the mailer
to compile and execute the program? Or do you expect the text
file to arrive unchanged?

I expect the C source not to be displayed in plain text, but as an attached file:
it is exactly what happens when I read emails with Thunderbird.

What is it that you want Thunderbird to do? Interpret the LaTeX
and send an encoded dvi file?

see the Pine FAQ answer above.

If I want to do so, I can do it by hand:
in fact in general I do send a PDF outpout when I send a LaTeX source.

Pine can't view a dvi, either,



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