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Re: debian vs ubuntu and knoppix

| On (13/10/05 20:38), William Ballard wrote:
| To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
| From: William Ballard <nospam_50916@alltel.net>
| Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 20:38:17 -0400
| Subject: Re: debian vs ubuntu and knoppix
| On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 08:21:28PM -0400, Chris Humphries wrote:
| > I think everyone should try each out and then decide what is best for them. 
| > Most likely there will not be something that will fit everything, though
| > debian is pretty close [it is used on most my production and development
| > servers].
| Yah but *eventually* the reason why Debian is Debian always becomes apparent, when it 
| comes time to upgrade.

Yes, upgrading debian is simplier in many cases, especially upgrading. Yet,
I have been using these operating systems for years, I do not end up at debian
like it is the end of enlightenment or something :)

The ease in upgrading is definitely one of debian's strong suits. Having to
upgrade ports due to zlib or openssl vuln is a pita, but it isn't that bad.
For servers, there is not much that will not take a few minutes to do. Most
things that take forever to compile are client side apps like kde and gnome.

Definitely one reason I like debian is when a new version of something I use
comes out, apt-get upgrade and done. Note the BSD's have binary package 
upgrading, too. Debian's is just more mature, but the job can get done.

On Solaris, the pkg-get utility can also do what apt-get can do. Though the
pkg-get repository is not as big, it does have most of what you may want/need,
including workstation apps like gaim, firefox, and mplayer, etc.

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