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Re: debian vs ubuntu and knoppix

Clive Menzies wrote:
> On (11/10/05 21:08), Sam Rosenfeld wrote:
>>What are the major differences among the latest debian, ubuntu, and
>>knoppix distros?
> Leaving aside the ensuing debate on 'freeness':
> Debian gives to access to the full Debian universe in 3 flavours:
> stable, testing and unstable
> Ubuntu is derived from Debian but not all debian packages will run on
> it.  They polish their distro and provide their own package repository.
> Knoppix is also debian derived and is used as a base by a number of
> other distros.
> FWIW, thus far, although I run sid, I've found kubuntu (KDE based
> ubuntu) to be the distro that I'd give to someone who wanted a drop in
> replacement for windows without having to learn about Debian or pay for
> support.

An interesting answer to the question that I was going to ask.  I've
just installed a mew HD in my parents' computer.  They are not exactly
knowledgeable users, they've been using XP, and I was trying to decide
between Knoppix and Ubuntu (having used neither).

Of course, I'm also tempted to install Sarge with KDE, OpenOffice,
Mozilla etc.  How un-user friendly can that be.  ;)

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