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Re: Printer

On 22:55 Sat 08 Oct     , Malcolm Lalkaka wrote:
> > Check if you have /dev/lp0 and look at lpr.log
> I do have /dev/lp0, and the file /var/log/lpr.log is empty. :-(
> Any other suggestions?
> I'm beginning to seriously think this is a bug in the Debian kernel
> 2.6.12. I haven't submitted a bug report because the preamble to the
> submitting process said to try the mailing lists first.

I don't think its a kernel bug. I just did a new install and am using
kernel-2.6.14-rc1 (i also tried the Debian kernel-2.6.12). To use
printing i did this: 

install lpr and magicfilter
run magicfilterconfig to create a /etc/printcap file for my Epson
start the daemon: /etc/init.d/lpd start
check that i have /dev/lp0 (with UDEV i had to make this)
run lpc status -> shows if printing is enabled

See if all the above checks out, then try to print and check the logs.  

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