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Re: Printer

> If you boot off 2.6.8 -- printing works
> If you boot off 2.6.12 -- printing does not work
> Correct?
>   Any clue comparing kernel configs?
I no longer have the 2.6.8 kernel to check, but when I did have it,
printing was working. After upgrading, everything seemed to be working
fine; but I forgot to check printing. I [naively] never thought it
would be a problem. So I deleted the old kernel.
I do distictly remember that my parallel port and printer worked fine
with kernel version 2.6.8.

> Module or config change?
There have been module/config changes, but the newer kernel has much
more support for devices than my 2.6.8 kernel. The 2.6.8 kernel was
compiled from a Debian 2.6.8 kernel.

> Does google help?
I have tried Google (and will try it again), but with no luck. I get
search results, but they did not seem to help. One result, for
example, suggested that I manually unload all my parallel port kernel
modules, and reload them. I tried this, but it had no effect.

Also, did you see Charles de Miramon's <cmiramon[at]kde-france.org>
email? He said:
> I had the same problem than Malcolm. Upgrading my kernel to linux-image-2.6.12
> broke printing on the parallel port on my computer. It seems that something
> changed in the parport module.
> I've reverted to 2.6.11 and the problem was solved.
Do you think I should do the same? If so, how do I revert to an older
kernel? I think if I had the option, I would rather keep the latest

Thanks again,

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