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Re: Printer

> [Please trim your posts and don't top post]

Sorry, I'll remember that from now on.
But should I leave a copy of the full message at the bottom, so people
have reference to it when they read it?

> Have you managed to fix this yet. Is the printer supported?
> Correct driver? Debian kernel, or self compiled, or ...?
> Does the printer work on another computer/os?

No, I haven't managed to fix this yet. The printer is supported; it
worked with kernel version 2.6.8. The correct driver is installed; it
is the same one used by kernel 2.6.8. I am now using a debian kernel.
The kernel 2.6.8 was a compiled kernel, but it was based on the debian
kernel; the only additions to that kernel were a supermount patch and
vesa support. I don't believe CUPS is the problem because I'm able to
use it to print to another printer over the network. And I know the
printer works because it was working just before I upgraded to kernel
version 2.6.12. Need any more information? Any help would be


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