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Re: Moved to sarge: Great, but no sound!

Louis Woods wrote:
> I just got sound working on my desktop. I first installed the following
> packages:
> 1) alsa-base
> 2) alsa-oss
> 3) alsa-utils
> Now my only problem is that (same as above) I have to rerun alsaconf
> everytime I reboot. Any solutions to how this can be fixed would be grand.

Well, why should anyone here guess for you? You give NO details about loaded 
modules before/after alsaconf or anything else!
> Above it was mentioned to install "discover". When attempting to do so
> apt wants to remove "discover1". What is the difference between
> "discover" and "discover1"?

apt-cache show discover discover1

Ususally, getting rid of both of them fixes numerous problems: discover just 
sucks and you ususally do not need it. WHY would you want to do the same damn 
detection on every boot?
Hotplug is ususally enough because you also use it at runtime and it does most 
of the things that discover does, too, only more integrated with the system.


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