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Re: Checking Filesystems

On Thu, Oct 06, 2005 at 04:24:59PM -0500, Tim McDonough wrote:
> Recently when running backups from Windows machines I've started 
> getting errors that say one or more files don't verify correctly. They 
> are not files that are in use at the time of the backup or verify and 
> if I perform multiple backups in a row different files will not 
> verify. On the last instance of this happening there were 3 files out 
> of several thousand that did not verify correctly.

I had a similar occurrence a few years ago.  In my case it wasn't the 
hard drive (bad blocks tend to be more predictable, and bigger), nor 
RAM, but a defective cpu (or motherboard, I don't remember which).

I know the hard drive and ram were okay because I'm using them still.  
The cpu had issues in another system, but whether the cpu was a cause or 
effect is not clear.

So, if you can, test your hard drive in another system (because it's 
easiest to move).  If it works you may be looking at the same kind of 
problem I had.

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