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Re: IDE controller card recommendation

Hello all.

On 05/10/05 12:12, Mariusz Kruk wrote:

> Roberto C. Sanchez napisał(a):
>> Does that mean that if I plug in the two cards I cannot use the four new
>> channels in addition to the two onboard channels?  Is there any way
>> around
>> that?

> As far as I see in /usr/src/whatever/Documentation/devices.txt there are
> up to eight IDE channels.


I had a production server with five IDE channels: one in Intel server
motherboard, four in two different Promise non-raid cards. The only
trick was to set the correct order of channels: bootable hda was on
first Promise, cdrom "hdi" was on slow non-UDMA motherboard channel.
Debian Woody, kernel 2.4. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact
recipe :-)

Just now our corporate fileserver has 8 SATA channels: two in Intel
chipset, two in built-in Promise FastTrak, four in Promise PCI card.
Each of two RAID-1 mirrored pairs use one channel from motherboard
FastTrak and one from card, for better (I hope) load balance and
reliability. System resides on conventional hda, and idle hdc contains
warm copy of system for fast recovery. Debian Sarge, kernel 2.6.12-mm1



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