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Re: IDE controller card recommendation

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

I am setting up a machine to act as an LTSP server for my church.  I have a
stack of old IDE hard drives that I want to use in a RAID configuration.  The
server's case has plenty of room for drives and a number of PCI expansion
slots.  I would like to get two PCI IDE controller cards to connect all the
drives with.  The server has an IDE CD-ROM, leaving 3 open slots in the
on-board controllers.  If I get two more cards (eah with two connectors), I
should be able to connect 8 more hard drives.
I'm not going to answer about the right controller (dont have RAID experience) but IIRC can you can only have four IDE controllers in one system (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary & Quartinary) so your total will be 8 drives including the CD-ROM?

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