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Re: IDE controller card recommendation

TreeBoy said:
> On Tuesday 04 Oct 2005 19:39, Josh Battles wrote:
>> Well, I'm not actually running them in a RAID array....
>> I used the cards as regular IDE drive controller cards.  I got my grubby
>> little hands on a box of 40GB harddrives for free so I kept 10 of them for
>> myself and donated the rest to some friends. I used 2 drives with the
>> on-board IDE controller to host the OS (Sarge) and the created a ~320GB
>> spanned drive using LVM on the other 8 drives.
>> Of the 2 drives on the onboard IDE controller, one of them has everything
>> on it except the /home partition.  I chose to put /home on the second 40GB
>> drive so that if I wanted to reinstall for any reason I would have a safe
>> haven to store my data.
>> Granted this probably isn't an ideal setup but it was inexpensive and has
>> been very reliable for the past 6 months.  I've had no hardware related
>> issues whatsoever.
>> --
>> - Josh
>> www.omg-stfu.com
> Don't mean to be negative - but who pays your electricity bill?
> And who manufactures you ear defenders ?
> ;->

LOL, It added less than $10/monthly onto my bill.

Suprisingly, noise isn't too bad.  The cable internet line comes into my
condo in my front hall closet, so that's where my router and server reside. 
They're out of the way and the closet door keeps the noise inside.

- Josh

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