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login then .xsession stuff


When I boot up with my debian testing/usnstable
2.6.12, it gives the login screen wdm. I have icewm
selected and like to use it. But I want to see xterm
and emacs open as soon as I login. So I created
.xsession file in my home directory and in it I put
#! /bin/bash
xterm ?bg black ?fg white &
emacs &
exec /usr/bin/icewm

>From the wdm, I select ?default? as the window manager
to start, type in login in info, hit Go, it goes and
comes back (the same login screen).
>From the wdm, I select icewm as the window manager; it
logs me in but does not open the xterm and emacs as

Could some one help?


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