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Re: libmysqlclient12 and libmysqlclient14

"Christopher L. Everett" <ceverett@ceverett.com> writes:

> Maurits van Rees wrote:
>> <snip>
>>So if I would remove libmysqlclient12 then these packages would be
>>removed as well.  Not all packages that you mention are in this list.
>>But there are packages that also depend on packages in this list, so
>>they would be removed too.  So let's look one step further:
>>$ apt-cache rdepends libmysqlclient12 | sed "s/|//" | grep -v "Reverse Depends" | COLUMNS=120  xargs dpkg -l | grep ^ii | sort | uniq | cut -d " " -f3 | xargs -n 1 apt-cache rdepends | sed "s/|//" | grep -v "Reverse Depends" | COLUMNS=120 xargs dpkg -l | grep ^ii | sort | uniq
>>ii  libdbd-mysql-perl        2.9006-1                 A Perl5 database interface to the MySQL database
>>ii  libmyodbc                3.51.09-1                the MySQL ODBC driver
>>ii  libmysqlclient12         4.0.24-10sarge1          mysql database client library
>>ii  mysql-client-4.1         4.1.11a-4sarge2          mysql database client binaries
>>ii  php4-mysql               4.3.10-16                MySQL module for php4
>>ii  phpmyadmin               2.6.2-3                  set of PHP-scripts to administrate MySQL over the WWW
>>ii  python-mysqldb           1.2.1c2-1                A Python interface to MySQL
>>ii  python2.2-mysqldb        1.2.1c2-1                A Python interface to MySQL
>>ii  python2.3-mysqldb        1.2.1c2-1                A Python interface to MySQL
>>ii  unixodbc                 2.2.4-11                 ODBC tools libraries
> For mysql-client-4.1 to require libmysqlclient12 is so wrong I can't even
> contemplate it rationally.  It should require libmysqlclient14 only, as the
> upstream intended.

It doesn't require libmysqlclient12 directly.  However, it depends on
libdbd-mysql-perl, which is built against libmysqlclient12.  So rebuild
libdbd-mysql-perl against libmysqlclient14 and then libmysqlclient12
should be removable.

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