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Re: Mounting a FTP over SSL share

hi ya bastian

On 3 Oct 2005, Bastian Ebeling wrote:

> Hi linux-users,
> I'm running debian sarge stable and I try to mount a network share
> which is offered to me as the following type:
> "FTP over SSL with normal login and explicit password - passive FTP"

ssl is broken/breakable

if you want to have secure ftp ... no sniffable passwd or data
from either windoze or *nix ...

debian# scp -p  ftp.server.com:/pub/somedir/data.xxx ~
	- use a gui if scp is too complicated
	or doesn't do what you need like copy foo*.* 

- or -

ssh login into the orther server and run your normal mount
commands and copy data over ssh ...
	- normally client mount the ftp server
	and servers do not mount clients

	debian# ssh ftp-server
	ftp-server# mount debian:/home/you  /home

	but for this case, it'd seem silly
	and is a bad idea

	- or -

	ftp-server# ssh debian
	debian# mount ftp-server:/home/you /home

	but why would you do that ??? 

	- or -  dozen other ways

windoze# filezilla  - point-n-click-heaven

ftp.server.com -- just install sshd

c ya

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