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Re: IDE controller card recommendation

On Tue, 4 Oct 2005, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> I am setting up a machine to act as an LTSP server for my church.  I have a
> stack of old IDE hard drives that I want to use in a RAID configuration.  The
> server's case has plenty of room for drives and a number of PCI expansion
> slots.  I would like to get two PCI IDE controller cards to connect all the
> drives with.  The server has an IDE CD-ROM, leaving 3 open slots in the
> on-board controllers.  If I get two more cards (eah with two connectors), I
> should be able to connect 8 more hard drives.

fun ..  that would normally be 8x 400GB of disk space :-)
> I would like to use inexpensive cards (~$15-$30) since I will be setting up
> software RAID and this is an older server with older drives. I have experience
> with certain Promise cards under Linux (and I am not happy with that
> experience). 

what was the problem ?? which model .. where did you get it ..
	- i think all parts should be bought at pc-parts-distributors
	(reseller permit required) and not "me-too-virtual-web-stores"

why is promise not good ??? just the plain ole ide controller
	- it is the same as maxtor ide controllers too 
	( same promise chip )

their hw raid controllers suck .. but what do you expect for under $2000
hw raid controllers .. one gets what one pays for ??

- don't ever use the motherboard bios based raid if your data
  is important to you
- in my book, here is no other ide-chipset i would use when we ship off
  to customers .. if you wanna pay $200 - $400 for 3ware .. i suppose
  thats an option too .. but why .. for sw raid 

more raid fun

what the raid performance result should look like

c ya

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