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Re: libmysqlclient12 and libmysqlclient14

"Christopher L. Everett" <ceverett@ceverett.com> writes:

> For various reasons (I believe a version conflict is causing selects
> to return no rows when it clearly has data to return), 

Yes, that can happen due to lack of versioned symbol support in all but
the most recent MySQL libs in unstable.

> I want just libmysqlclient14 on my server, but Debian own't let me
> uninstall libmysqlclient12 without removing mysql wholesale:

Removing libmysqlclient12 won't really help you, since the mere presence
of the library isn't causing the conflict.  Rather the problem happens
when both libmysqlclient12 and libmysqlclient14 are being loaded in the
same executable space.

You'd need to rebuild the conflicting stuff using libmysqlclient12 to
use libmysqlclient14 to really fix the problem.

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