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Using both Mutt and graphical email client with maildir


I've been using mutt for several years, and really like it except for
when I need to follow a link.  I've tried using urlview, but gave up
because I often didn't know what the urls were linked to.  For
example, if I have an email with 50 links, when I call urlview I often
have no idea what link I want (all I see are the urls, and not any
text that will tell me what the links are for).  Since urlview didn't
work well for me, I usually simply copy and paste the link into
Firefox, but I keep thinking there must be an easier way.  

So I've been thinking it would be nice to use mutt most of the time,
but have an alternative graphical email client that I could use once a
day or so to read my email with links in them.  Is there a reason not
to do this that I have overlooked?  Additionally I would then see
images in the email.  

My mail is saved in maildir format, and one problem seems to be that
many graphical email clients don't seem to support maildir.  For
example, I looked at Thunderbird, but I believe it does not support
maildir format.  So, does anyone have any experience with any
graphical mail client that can work with maildir format?

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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