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gnome program problem

[biosedit@debian:20:17:54~#1]$ fcitx
Error: FCITX can only run under X
[biosedit@debian:20:18:03~#2]$ xmms

** CRITICAL **: Unable to open display
[biosedit@debian:20:18:11~#3]$ gimp
[biosedit@debian:20:20:02~#4]$ gedit

(gedit:5349): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

now i can't uses any gnome program with this user. but i an uses those with other users
i know that is my setting errm i am try to add DISPLAY=LOCALHOST: 0.0 in ~/.bashrc but the problem is the same ......

i must compare the file in ~/.* and other user/.* but this is difficult
thank you

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