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Re: How to install under a SATA disk?

Han Chunwei wrote:


> 2. The hard-disk is of SATA type, and I can't install the system from
> hard-disk(I don't have a CD-Rom). I have tried every method to do this
> and failed. I nearly got despaired.


You don't have the CD, or don't have a CD drive? The latter would be...
ummm, surprising.

I don't know if it has anything to do with your problem, but I have
come across a little problem when installing Etch/2.6 kernels into a
SATA drive. The 2.4.27 kernel would boot fine, but the 2.6.12 wouldn't
(kernel panic). I traced the problem to the fact that the disk was
regarded as /dev/sda by the 2.6, while the /etc/fstab read /dev/hda1
and so on. Seems that 2.6 regards SATA as SCSI instead of IDE.


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