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Email configuration tool / script

Hi All,

In my organisation we use sendmail and IMAP for email, currently if someone goes on holiday or a new person starts or leaves, its left to me to do what is necessary on our linux server to add, remove or modify account information or modify .procmailrc file.

I dont want to ideally allow ssh access into the box for users, as they would not know what todo and I dont trust them. is there any web tools which would all a user access to enabler, disable and modify rules in a users .procmailrc file for example a "out of office" recipe.

Or is there a clear way of sending a email to the system, which is recognised specailly that would allow for modification of .procmailrc file? I know this might be a little far fetched but thought I'd ask. I'm aware of tools like webmin, but dont really want to install that just so users can enable / disable "Out Of Office" replies.

Any suggestions / tools that would help solve this little problem would be greatly appreciated.


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