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Re: iPodder wont start

Roger Creasy wrote:

On 10/2/05, *Roger Creasy* <roger.mailist@gmail.com <mailto:roger.mailist@gmail.com>> wrote:

    On 10/1/05, *Jules Dubois* < s3mkpio02@sneakemail.com
    <mailto:s3mkpio02@sneakemail.com>> wrote:

        On Saturday 01 October 2005 20:36, Roger Creasy
        <roger.mailist@gmail.com <mailto:roger.mailist@gmail.com>>
        (< [🔎] 29178b6d0510011936u382e4480vdfec69ea5715e104@mail.gmail.com
        <[🔎] 29178b6d0510011936u382e4480vdfec69ea5715e104@mail.gmail.com">mailto:[🔎] 29178b6d0510011936u382e4480vdfec69ea5715e104@mail.gmail.com>>)

OK. I do get the following:

basement:/usr/bin# iPodder
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "iPodderGui.py", line 22, in ?
import wx
ImportError: No module named wx

However, this does not help me. Is there anyone out there who
        can help?

        In Sid, the Debian 'ipodder' package depends on
        'python-wxgtk2.6'.  Did you
        install ipodder from a Debian package and do you have the
        Python wxWidgets


        You might also try 'gtkpod'.

Yes, I installed the Debian package. I do not have 'python-wxgtk2.6' in my available list. I am running Sarge,; I tried Sid and my system crashed... so, I am afraid to add testing packaages, unless I must.

I installed 'gtkpod' but it does not seem to have the ability to manage podccasts. Did I miss something?


sarge includes wxpython 2.4. that should work. if you search (e.g. in synaptic) for 'wx' you should find a result (called something like wxpython or python-wxgtk)

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