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Re: Installing without CD

On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 08:11:28PM -0400, Mike S wrote:
>    I'd rather not buy anything...

mmm, now thats why we use Linux :-). But ... surely even a cheap
computer can be had for practically nothing. Check out your local
schools and see if they have any old hardware. Make them an offer.

Any mates with a fast connection who would burn you an iso?

Any LUG in your area? There will probably be someone there with a spare
Sarge CD.

Keep an eye and an ear out when you are out and about, people are often
thinking of upgrading their gear -- offer to take the old one off their

My laptop -- $12.00 with pcmcia modem card, dodgy cd, floppy drive --
broken. Writing this message on it.
My desktop -- $60.00 (could of got it for less but I didn't want to rob
the school :-))

And just by keeping an eye/ear out.

Reproduction if desired may be handled locally. -- rfc3

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