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Re: Installing without CD

On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 07:56:30PM -0400, Mike S wrote:
>    Oh, I forgot to mention I don't have net access in Linux, incompatible
>    modem.

The hard way first eh? . . . mmm how about:

The woody floppy install - 20 disks, and that is just the base system.
Don't know if sarge has floppies, but I'm guessing if it does it will be
way more than 20 floppies.

You can d/l the floppy images to a windows box and use rawrite.exe from
DOS to write images to floppies. (You really only need one floppy if the
windows box is in same building or you enjoy walking, just write over it
each time. :-))

Install woody  (hopefully your h/w is old enough.)

Get a cheap external serial modem.

Run pppconfig -- enter details

set up sources.list to point to sarge.

get online

apt-get update

apt-get install aptitude (use Sarge's apt-get if you don't like

aptitude upgrade

aptitude dist-upgrade

and voila! Sarge with no CDROM.

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