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Re: virtual package? aptitude says "not a real package".

Michael Spang wrote:
> furufuru@ccsr.u-tokyo.ac.jp wrote:
> >If they are unavailable, then why do they show up when you type
> >
> >   $ aptitude search mplayer
> >
> >for example.  What does this mean?
> It means that there is no such package but that something depends or
> conflicts with the package. These packages are just referenced by
> others even though they arent in the archive. This happens
> for a variety of reasons.
> mike@Tyr:~$ apt-cache showpkg mplayer
> Package: mplayer
> Versions:
> Reverse Depends:
>   xmms-xmmplayer,mplayer
>   mozilla-mplayer,mplayer 1.0-pre5
> Dependencies:
> Provides:
> Reverse Provides:

Aha!  That's clear.  Thanks for the explanation.


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