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Re: virtual package? aptitude says "not a real package".

On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 01:54:26AM -0700, furufuru@ccsr.u-tokyo.ac.jp wrote:
> Hello all,
> aptitude sometimes says some package is "not a real package".
> For instance:
>     $ aptitude show emacs-dl-wnn
>     Package: emacs-dl-wnn
>     State: not a real package
> When I try to install such a package using "aptitude install",
> nothing is installed.  Could someone tell me what this is?

On my system, apt-cache show emacs-dl-wn gives me black, install says
that package is unavailable.

I think virtual packages are those which are actually generic software
which have many options fitting the bill. For example, exim4, postfix,
esmtp-run, sendmail etc. all `provide' the `mail-transport-agent'
virtual package.


Kumar Appaiah,
462, Jamuna Hostel,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
Chennai - 600 036

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