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Re: virtual package? aptitude says "not a real package".

furufuru@ccsr.u-tokyo.ac.jp wrote:

Kumar Appaiah wrote:

On my system, apt-cache show emacs-dl-wn gives me black, install says
that package is unavailable.

Thanks for your response!  I'm still puzzled.  What's this "ghost"
package, then?  The "mplayer" package seems to be another example.
If they are unavailable, then why do they show up when you type

  $ aptitude search mplayer

for example.  What does this mean?

It means that there is no such package but that something depends or conflicts with the package. These packages are just referenced by others even though they arent in the archive. This happens for a variety of reasons.

mike@Tyr:~$ apt-cache showpkg mplayer
Package: mplayer

Reverse Depends:
 mozilla-mplayer,mplayer 1.0-pre5
Reverse Provides:

Reply to: