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Re: gap in sound device numbering

Sebastian Seifert wrote:
> Hello,
> in my PC there is a single on-board sound card that works great using ALSA and
> OSS emulation where necessary. The sound card is card 0 for alsa. 
> I have a bluetooth headset as well. Whenever I attach the bluetooth
> headset, a new ALSA device for it is created, but it gets the device
> number 2. 1 seems to be occupied by some kind of midi device that I
> don't use and which probably is on-board as well. 
> For the OSS emulation, /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp2 are created by udev. No
> /dev/dsp1, since the strange midi device does not have any dsp.
> The problem is that I use a VoIP soft phone called "xten xlite" that
> works via OSS and IGNORES /dev/dsp2, because it doesn't find /dev/dsp1
> (and thinks I only have /dev/dsp then). When I symlink /dev/dsp1 to
> /dev/dsp2, I can choose from 3 sound cards. But having to create this
> symlink by hand everytime I want to make a telephone call via my headset
> is tedious.
> What is the best solution for this? Writing a udev rule (can someone
> point me to a primer on how to do that)? Telling alsa to somehow ignore
> the strange midi device? Maybe the number skipping in OSS dsp numbering
> even is a bug (either that or the softphone is buggy)?

There is a cracking udev howto.

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