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Re: [OT] Drawing a rectangle with Gimp

Žáček Kryštof wrote:
This is not just your first impression. GIMP sucks even after long term usage in terms of usability - windows scattered over the whole desktop, overlapped toolbox windows, incredibly stupid archane file dialog, the gtk slowness etc..

However, there is a hope: the KDE's Krita program is the step in the right direction, it has just to catch up in features.

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It's a pity people have to ask around before they can draw a rectangle with a graphics program. I had the same question. I haven't come across a less intuitive windows program than GIMP. I know I am commenting based on my quick first impression and criticizing a free tool. But what good is "free" if it's not usable. Why port such a tool to windows when there are $29 programs that are actually usable? Tool palettes hide behind the main window!!?

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