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Re: [boot optimization] How to speed up the boot?

belbo <andrea.ballatore@gmail.com> writes:

> my etch works very well, but the startup process takes too long... I can see
> many useless probing scripts working during the startup.
> I thought I could remove some autoprobing script from /etc/rc*, but I don't know
> which. Here's the list:
> Which scripts can I remove without any damage to the system integrity?
> My etch is an old sarge manually configured for my hardware, so I imagine that I
>  can remove something with no risk.
> Do you know if there are some other way to speed up the boot process?

A quick fix to make the boot scripts run faster is to change your
/bin/sh to some other shell that is faster than /bin/bash, such as
/bin/dash.  This can be done by installing 'dash' and answering the
debconf questions, or by later running 'dpkg-reconfigure dash'.

Be warned that using dash as /bin/sh is a really good way of finding
buggy shell scripts that contain bashisms.

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