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Re: [boot optimization] How to speed up the boot?

hi ya

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005, belbo wrote:

> my etch works very well, but the startup process takes too long... I can see
> many useless probing scripts working during the startup.
> I thought I could remove some autoprobing script from /etc/rc*, but I don't know
> which. Here's the list:

make sure you can boot from cdrom or floppy or ??
than have fun ..

turn off (below) means chmod 400 "init-script"
> S01glibc.sh@

i donno why somebody decided ot do that ... glibc is required
if you have the wrong version .. things will break .. it'd be obvious

> S02mountvirtfs@

turn off

> S05bootlogd@

turn off

> S05initrd-tools.sh@

turn off unless you are using ( require ) initrd to boot your box

> S05keymap.sh@

always leave it on

> S07hdparm@

turn off ... or just replace with 
	" hdparm -d 1 -X69 -c 1 -u 1 "
	( be sure you know wht the options does )

> S10checkroot.sh@

turn off .. but if you get cracked, don't ask "how to find what is
changed by using it "

> S18ifupdown-clean@

turn off ... 

seems whacky way to turn on and off the network

> S20module-init-tools@
> S20modutils@

turn off if you do not need modules

> S25libdevmapper1.00@

turn off

> S30checkfs.sh@

turn off if you are polite to your machine
when you power off and/or force yourself to check
before mounting after a boo-boo

> S30procps.sh@

another whacky *.sh script

> S35mountall.sh@

"mount -av" should do the same

> S36discover@

turn off if you do not change hardware

> S36lm-sensors@

turn off if you dont care abut reading cpu temp and
fan speeds

> S36mountvirtfs@

another whacky script 

> S38pppd-dns@

turn off if you do not need ppp

> S39dns-clean@

turn off if this is not a dns server
but make sure /etc/resolv.conf is point to your dns server

> S39ifupdown@

you might want this if you want to have network connection

> S40hostname.sh@

another whack script
	hostname foo.bar.com 

> S40hotplug@

turn off ... 

> S40networking@

other half of ifupdown

> S41hotplug-net@

turn off

> S43portmap@

turn off if this machine is not an nfs server exporting stuff

> S45mountnfs.sh@

another whacky script

> S46setserial@

turn off if you dont need rs232
but sometime it screws up your console

> S48console-screen.sh@

another whacky script

> S50hwclock.sh@
> S51ntpdate@

turn off if you dont care about time
	and/or ntpdate will do the same

> S55bootmisc.sh@

all the stuff you turned off, will now show up in bootmisc
if you still need it

> S55urandom@

you'd probably want to keep it

> S70nviboot@

turn off

> S70x11-common@
> S71xserver-xorg@

turn off if yu don't need X11

> S75sudo@

turn off
> Which scripts can I remove without any damage to the system integrity?

80% of um can all go bi-bi w/o breaking anything
as long as you dont need it or convert its purpose into 1 liners

> Do you know if there are some other way to speed up the boot process?

for faster boots..
	- do not boot from floppy or cdrom or usbstick .. ( too slow )

for faster boots...
	- use / as 32MB
	- use lilo instead of grub
	- use smallest kernel ( minimal modules, NOT the kitchen sink )
	- don't use network resources ( mount offline-machine:/home /home)
	- more todos ..

removing self checking and sanity checking is dangerous, but if
you have the discipline to be nice ot eh machine, self'checking 
can be a waste of time.. except for the few times you want to 
spend to check it manually periodically

c ya

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