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Re: How to list all files that are going to be installed when doing "apt-get upgrade"?

I know how to list the packages that are going to be installed, like with "apt-get -s upgrade" or "apt-show-versions -u", but I >would like to know which files included in these packages are going to be installed. I have tried "grep" when doing "apt-get -s >upgrade" and "apt-show-versions -u", and thought of piping the output trough "dpkg -L", but my knowledge is too limited for >this.
something like this should work:
for i in $(apt-show-versions -u|awk '{print $1}'); do dpkg -L $i;done

The awk '{print $1}' outputs the first collumn. I don't rember what column apt-show-versions shows the package name, so you may need to change this.

To sort the output do this instead:

sort <(for i in $(apt-show-versions -u|awk '{print $1}'); do dpkg -L $i;done)

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