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Re: gnuplot and PDF

On Sunday 25 September 2005 10:20 pm, Marc Wilson wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 10:29:35PM +0100, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
> > does anyone know why the testing gnuplot package does not support
> > PDF output ?
> When has gnuplot ever supported output to PDF?

Actually, version 4 of gnuplot does support output to PDF...  at least, 
the upstream source does.  I'm running testing, and the command "set 
terminal pdf" gives an "unknown or ambigious terminal type" -- which 
means that it doesn't know how to print PDFs.  So the gnuplot in 
testing does not support PDFs.

On the gnuplot home page, I did see a mention [1] that the PDF output 
ability "requires libpdf".  I'm not sure what libpdf is; there does not 
seem to be a Debian package with that name.  My guess is that the 
gnuplot package maintainer did not compile the binary with that library 
for some reason, so that's why our gnuplot does not support that (yet).

Jerome, you might want to file a bug report or feature request on the 
gnuplot package.

[1] http://www.gnuplot.info/docs/gnuplot.html#What_is_New_in_Version_4.0

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