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Re: Jabber

Chuck Payne wrote:
> I have jabber install but can't seem to connect. Does anyone know 
> if/where there is a website talks about getting jabber working on Debian.

Perhaps you are confusing client and server?  I recommend that you try
the 'psi' jabber client.

  apt-cache show psi
   Psi is a jabber client looking (by design) like licq. Besides basic
   instant messaging services, it provides support for features like
   groupchat and multiple accounts.
   For more information on jabber, see www.jabber.org (or the
   jabber package which contains the jabber server software).

  apt-get install psi

Before psi I used ayttm which is also pretty good.  For a curses based
text client I am using mcabber available as a deb package from the
author's site but not yet in the main Debian archive.


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