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Panda, Beware!

I have used Panda Anti-virus software for several years now and had paid for two more that will Never be used!  Why? Because their otherwise excellent programs were impossible to reconcile with Windows XP, to which I recently upgraded, and because of their robotic treatment of their loyal clients,  I have disconnected from Panda with ill feelings.  I was not even allowed credit for the two years of paid service that will now never be used.
Their system of handling customers has been insufferable in that I have often been placed on hold (long distance, mind you) for up to 1 1/2 hours.  The difficulties have always been assigned to those companies with whom the Panda software was in conflict.  Not once was an offer made to resolve these conflicts, but only the assurance that their best people were working on it. 
What I have observed is that Panda software (Both Platinum and Titanium) block everything.  Unfortunately, I was blocked from sending out e-mails from MS Outlook, I could not establish, but with great difficulty, a 1394 Fire connection network to another computer and the Windows XP Firewall. Several hundred hours were spent from January this year until mid-September in a vain attempt to adjust the various conflicting programs so that Panda could work.  Finally, Panda's Technical unit informed me that I would have to disconnect not only the Windows XP Firewall, but also remove completely any other purchased spyware or adware detection programs and any traces of competitive programs that might still be resident in the Registry.  This was the last straw and my attempts to resolve any differences were without success.
I am not pleased with the Panda inability to take responsibility for Panda caused difficulties and their non-consideration of their customers.  The Software is powerful but...
Without Panda onboard my network, Outlook and compatibility with Windows Firewall, Antivirus security and updates are in excellent order and without situations.  My faith in Panda was ill-founded and a serious mistake.  I consider they have betrayed the trust placed in this company.
Wm Stanley
May you flourish & prosper,

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