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Re: HELP- Grub problem, I can't load WInXP

Am 26.09.2005 um 14:17 schrieb Andy:

> Anyway, here is the deal:
> I have a few drives, one with win98 (don't ask!), one with win xp, and one 
> with Debian Sid. I had grub happily booting everything until recently when 
> WinXP experienced some HDD corruption and I had to do a repair. Obviously, 
> this repair overwrote the MBR and I was left with the normal Windows dual 
> boot option of WinXP and Win98.
> I used Knoppix to chroot to my Debian install and run grub-install /dev/hda1 
> in order to put the MBR back. This worked, grub's menu comes up at boot-time 
> and runs Debian fine. It's using the original menu.1st, but the entries for 
> Windows just don't work (I don't care if Win98 doesn't work, it's WinXP that 
> is very important to me). When selecting WinXP from grub's menu, I get:
> Can anybody please help???

Windows XP is on /dev/hda, which is (hd0,0) in GRUB's notation.  So,
if you install the GRUB boot sector into /dev/hda1, you overwrite
Windows XP's boot sector in that partition.  That means you won't be
able to boot Windows XP at all, because GRUB will simply reload
itself when it tries to chain-load from (hd0,0).

What you probably wanted was to overwrite /dev/hda's MBR, which is
(hd0) in GRUB's notation with the GRUB boot loader.  So the BIOS
would start grub at (hd0), which in turn can chain-load Windows XP
from (hd0,0).  Or other systems/kernels from other devices.

I'd suggest you to let the Windows XP setup restore the boot sector
of /dev/hda1 again.  After that you can reinstall GRUB to (hd0) and
_not_ to (hd0,0).  

I guess you have a current backup... 


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