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Re: LILO, SATA & IDE drive

hi ya ron

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005, Ron Johnson wrote:

> I just successfully installed etch (now upgraded to sid) onto
> a SATA drive /dev/sda.  Now, though, I want to get my data off
> of the old IDE drive.  So, I stuck it in and powered up.
> Unfortunately, but understandably, the box wants to boot off
> of that drive /dev/hda.

you can also go into the BIOS and tell it to boot off hd0 vs hd1
or usb-hdd listed after hda
	- the boot name varies between different bios and vendors
> Is changing the boot= param from /dev/sda to /dev/hda all
> that is necessary?  (Besides rerunning lilo, of course.)

no ..

you need to remove  /boot/map
	- unless oyu like to get L- LI- LIL-  or 99 99 99 or 80 80 80

lilo will recreate the map file based on the new config of combinations
of disks
> Existing lilo.conf:
>   boot=/dev/sda  ###  <<<<<<<<<<<<
>   root=/dev/sda2

that assumes you're booting into your new sata disk
> Proposed new lilo.conf
>   boot=/dev/hda  ###  <<<<<<<<<<<<
>   root=/dev/sda2

that means both sda and hda will have the same boot info ( MBR ) ...
which is okay ...

c ya

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