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On 25-sep-2005, at 2:09, Robert Wolfe wrote:

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To: Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca>
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Subject: Re: POP & SMTP
Date: 24/09/05 21:05

Use apt-get to install the servers.

Read some good tutorials on their configuration to get them functional.

Then find out how to harden them.

Doing this will give you some good experience in learning linux.

I did my research on mail server software to use and their features and my final solution was a Postfix/qpopper solution which works very, very well here. Again, as stated in the quoted message, RESEARCH is your best friend
for something like this.

I to started my first mailserver experiment with postfix & qpopper and if I remember well, simply apt-getting or aptituting both and answering the install scripts questions will get you a simple system user and plain login based mail server. Simply start from there but as mentioned above, harden your server with save logins etc. and don't stop a qpopper, look into imap and webmail. Believe me, it's fun.

to get you going, some sources of information:

to check if you've accidently opened up your smtp server to the world of spammers as an open relay:

Start reading info in

A site discribing setting up a nice & safe advanced setup with postfix / cyrus (pop,imap much more capable then qpopper) / squirrelmail (webmail) / spamassassin / sievefilters:



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