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Samba and symlinks


I have a shared folder, and when I want to share something over SMB, then I 
make a symlink in that shared folder, which points to my file. This is only 
working when a windows client is trying to view my shared folder. In that 
case the win client sees my shared file, and can copy it without problem.
But when another linux client tries to open that shared folder, it only sees 
the symbolic link, which points to my shared file, and the client can not 
copy it.


my shared folder:


$ ls -l /home/leva/SHARED
file -> /home/leva/tmp/file

When a linux client connects to that share, than it sees the symbolic link in 
that directory, but obviously he doesn't have that directory structure, nor 
that file in his file system, so it ends up with a broken symlink, and that 
is all the client sees.

Does anybody know how to configure samba to "follow symlinks" ?

ps.: I have these two lines in my smb.conf:
follow symlinks = yes
wide links = yes

but these options doesn't solve my problem.




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